Not possible to see events of a shared calendar

  • Hello,

    Using davdroid since years now and used to work like a charm.
    However since… something (I believe it is an upgrade of zimbra version on the servers that host my mail adress) I have lost the possibility to see events of a calendar that is shared with me.

    I use DavDroid @
    My zimbra server is @ Zimbra 8.7.1_GA_1670 (build 20161025045105)

    I see the events of my own calendar without trouble through DavDroid
    I can create events in my own calendar
    I see that there is a shared calendar, recognized by DavDroid (name displayed in DavDroid in parallel of my own calendar)
    However no events of this shared calendar are shown by DavDroid.

    I have suppressed my DavDroid accounts inside the app, have uninstalled DavDroid entirely, install the app again, setup my account again, but I always get the same problem and it is true for several mail adresses I have and all sharing I could set.
    And I have also tried to suppress the sharing and create it again, no results

    I do not see any interesting info in log file but I might not look at the right place.
    By the way is there any possibility to share this log in a private way so that you can help ?

    Thanks for your support


  • developer


    Are you sure this problem is related to DAVdroid? DAVdroid just shows the events from subscribed calendars, regardless of whether the calendar is shared or not. So, as soon as the server sends the events for the shared calendar, they should show up in DAVdroid. If they do not and there is no error message, it’s probably this server problem.

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