Contact changes its REV field without any obvious reason

  • For the past few days I’ve experienced something new. I can’t pin it down, yet, but I’d like your opinion on this one:

    My contacts change. The REV: timestamp is changing, even though everything else is the same. And there’s no reason why the contact would have been touched. One thing that is common to the churning contacts is, that they are the ones I use more often, i.e. I probably called or texted those contacts as well.

    This behaviour started on 13.01.2017, which is also the first time, that the PRODID:+//IDN vcard4android ez-vcard/0.10.1 started appearing in my logs. I also know for sure that I upgraded from 1.3.5(ose) to 1.3.6(ose) between 09.01.2017 and 16.01.2017.

  • developer

    I guess you’re experiencing this Android 7 feature?

  • Hmm, that’s odd. My android update to 7 has been two weeks earlier without the effect popping up before the 13th. But it sure looks like it’s the same problem.

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