Owncloud 9.1: Could not create new calendar entries on shared calendar

  • It was working flawlessly until the owncloud upgrade to the latest stable version (on debian) version 9.1.3-1.1. Before that I used Owncloud 8.2 without any problems.

    Here is the problem:
    If I (owncloud user 1) create an new calendar and share it (with the permission to change entries), I could create calendar entries. I also could create entries to my own non-shared calendar too. But I could not add an entry in a calendar which is shared for me (by the owncloud user 2) - an that’s the problem. I also could not change exsiting entries in the shared calendar.
    Used Davdroid-versions: one device (Redmi Note 2 MIUI 7) with the actual google play store version (, this device is used by owncloud user 1. The other one (Samsung S7 actual stock ROM) with the latest F-droid version (1.3.6-ose), this is used by owncloud user 2.
    The problem seems independent from the device or the owncloud user. If I create a calendar on the Redmi and share it, the S7 could not change anything on the shared calendar and vice versa. I also restarted both devices and reinstalled their DAVDROID-versions.
    DAVDROID itself recognises the problem. After saving the entry, it lasts a minute or two until I get a notification that “Kalender-Synchronisierung fehlgeschlagen - Serverfehler beim Hochladen neuer/geänderter Einträge”
    could be translated to: ‘calendar synchronisation failed - server errror while uploading new/changed entries’

    To eliminate an Owncloud problem I did the following: I (as owncloud user 1) used Thunderbird and added the own and shared calendars and tried to add entries and to change entries on the shared calendar - no problem.

    debug log: 0_1484165442856_debug_Redmi.txt

  • Re: Owncloud 9.1: Could not create new calendar entries on shared calendar

    I found the solution!

    It is not a flaw of Davdroid, it is because of the new dav-URL. The old url which needed to be used for caldav was https://hostname.com/remote.php/caldav
    But with Owncloud 9.0 and newer it is now for caldav and carddav https://hostname.com/remote.php/dav

    So the solution is, delete your old account in davdroid and recreate it with the new url. Details here
    If you use the wellknown-notification, keep in mind to change the owncloud-apache config too, like this:
    Redirect 301 /.well-known/carddav /owncloud/remote.php/dav
    Redirect 301 /.well-known/caldav /owncloud/remote.php/dav

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