Posteo and DAVDroid


Hi all,

I'm actuallyusing DAVDroid on my phone and I was thinking to get a Posteo account. I have read here:

that posteo has porblems in syncing contacts and other issues. Are these issue solved? If not, I'd rather look for another provider, as I prefer not to give up on DAVDroid.

Thanks is advance for your response.


Sadly, we've not received any update on the issues we reported to them, so I guess they're not fixed. Nevertheless: contacts and calendars work basically and can be synced, however only to a certain extent. DAVdroid is supporting dozens of providers - almost no one is completely error-free, because CalDAV and CardDAV are very complex protocols and hard to implement. If you'd ask for a personal opinion: I'd use Kolab Now, we've had the best results with it. Of course any provider mentioned on our configuration page can be used, all do work!

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thanks for your fast reply. I think I'll go with then, as it seems to be less problematic.

Have a nice day!


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