Calendar URL is replaced by WiFi hotspot URL

  • I’ve had this happen many times now. I have only one calendar subscription in ICSdroid. Once in a while, the URL of the calendar is replaced by, which I assume happens because I connect to the Virgin Media WiFi hotspots at some of the London tube stops. Since the URL is not editable in ICSDroid, I have to unsubscribe and resubscribe every time this happens, which is a pain. Has anyone seen this happen and is there a solution? Thanks.

  • developer

    This should not happen if the WiFi portal uses a 302 temporary redirect. If it uses 301, ICSdroid saves the new URL, as expected.

    I’d either contact the WiFi admin people about this (after making sure it sends an unwanted 301 redirect), or avoid this WiFi network.

  • We had the same problem in a “REWE” market in Germany. The hotspot is from ( )
    Can you please contact this company and explain the problem to them.

  • developer

    Yes, please contact the WiFi providers. I also recommend to use HTTPS URLs which can’t be intercepted by WiFi hotspots (you will get a cert error).

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