DAVDroid fails to sync some contacts that are on ownCloud

  • I compare Sync results with Evolution, presumed to be accurate:

    Evolution: 1,459
    Android-6.0.1: 1,458
    Android-7.1.1: 1,458

    Evolution: 6,273
    Android-6.0.1: 6,201
    Android-7.1.1: 6,201

    This is clearly broken
    It is also the case that DAVDroid does not sync everything at once. You have to sync repeatedly until the sync finished almost instantly.

    Evolution displays contact counts if you select an account in the left pane
    Google Contacts (6.0.1+) displays counts if you go Contacts - ⋮ - [CardDAV account name]
    Older contacts displayed a total count at the bottom of the contacts list
    In between versions display no count at all

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