Warning of auth failure in service discovery

  • i18n

    In older version of DAVdroid (maybe < 1.0), when server returned "401 Unauthorized" (mostly bacause you entered wrong username or password), DAVdroid can show that exactly.

    But in (128), DAVdroid can only shows "no CalDAV/CardDAV service found" message, which is confusing.

    Logs: http://pastebin.com/DbURBmqM

  • developer

    It's not possible to exactly show "unauthorized", because it doesn't mean an error when some parts of the auto-detection fail with "unauthorized". We have carefully thought about this and the solution is to show a generic error message plus logs if you're interested in details.

    If you have specific suggestions on which parts of the auto-detection process can be changed in a certain way, please let us know.