Display VEVENT Url property as text in description?

  • A VEVENT entry can have a URL associated with it. Unfortunately, the Android CalendarContract.Events has no URL property.

    Because icsdroid’s events are read-only by design, icsdroid could maybe append the value from the URL to the description, so that the URL shows in android calendar apps (in the description box)?

    (From my tests, some android magic will make the URL a clickable link again)

  • developer

    @kralo Thanks for this suggestion. This could also be used for DAVdroid.

  • developer

    Seems like the URL property is not used as a general-purpose field, but its purpose is:

    This property may be used to convey a location where a more dynamic rendition of the calendar information can be found.

    (RFC 7986 5.5 URL property)

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