• Hi,

    maybe I’m to stupid, but I’m not able to connect to my baikal server. The server is running and working with other Apps. When I put in my URL
    “htts://uvw.abc.xyz.com/baikal/html/cal.php/calendars/User/default” the app find the certificate and I install it, but then a message pops that the app is looking for resources. And nothing else happened. I have to kill the App.

    I have also test different URLs “htts://uvw.abc.xyz.com/baikal/html/cal.php/calendars/”, “htts://uvw.abc.xyz.com/baikal/html/cal.php” and “htts://uvw.abc.xyz.com/baikal/html/” but ever the same. What can I do?


  • developer

    Seems to be a networking problem. Please provide steps to reproduce, debug info and verbose logs. Also, please some time when the detection is running. If every request has to time out (for instance, because it’s blocked by a firewall), this make take some time.

  • Network problem? Hmm, I use Android 7.1 and I have given the app all permissions.
    An FW I have not installed and I would not know since there is a running one in the background.
    I am also created the logs, but since my personal details are all in the plaintext I would only send as pm.

  • developer

    Can you access the Baïkal Web interface or even better the CalDAV URL from your mobile device’s browser?

  • Yepp, when I use the URL in my browser I have contact to baikal and can work with them. DavDroid works on a lower Android (4.4.2) withe my URL. When I try the same App (copied from une unit to the other) and put in the same URL on Android 7.1 in, the app hangs on the resourcecheck.

  • developer

    @Herby Then it may be related to the custom certificate management. Did you try to delete all known certificates (DAVdroid / Settings / Security)? If you have upgraded DAVdroid from an earlier version, did you try to uninstall and re-install it again?

    Also, you can send verbose logs to play@bitfire.at (OpenPGP 🔑) .

  • The app is brandnew installed. I have testet also with deleted app-cach, app-memory and deleted certificate (DAVdroid / Settings / Security). Nothing changed. Do you think you net verbose logs?!

  • T tried something more. With Titanium BackUp I created a backup. I wanted to import this under 7.1. Here, however, I then saw that the accounts are not secured at all. Is this correct?

  • developer

    I need as much information as possible, because I can’t (and don’t want to) guess what’s going on. Verbose logs, debug info, test account, info about your server and setup, detailed steps to reproduce (what do I have to do to reproduce the problem), anything is usable, but please provide as much information as possible. Ideally, I would be able to reproduce the problem, so can I can look for its root.

    I don’t know what you mean by “accounts are not secured”. As far as I know, AccountManager doesn’t know anything about “secured” accounts. If you want to discuss that, please create an extra thread and provide as much information as possible, too.

  • Maybe the wrong word. I mean, after playing back the backup from titanium BackUp, I have to re-enter the account URL as well as the user and password. There is no sense to securing, does it?

  • Next News. When I’m on android 7.1 and I use the URL http:// instead of https:// then it works. But https:// with, for example caldav carddav from Marten Gajda, works perfect.

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