• Hi,

    I do not really remember, which version brought the problem, but since a month or more. The empty name fields (prefix, midle, suffix) are auto filled with the first name. Only those contacts are updated, which used, e.g. phone call, sms.

    This issue is related only to Davdroid contacts, and affects all my devices.

    I do not really know what causes the issue, but no other sowftware part was updates/altered than Davdroid.

    OS: Cyanogen 13 variant(Galaxy Express and Tab S 10.5), latest Davdroid and Egroupware 14.3.20160113.

    The repeated names are pushed back to egroupware.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, where/how to debug the issue.


  • developer


    Please provide steps to reproduce, debug info and verbose logs.

    What does “auto fill” mean? Are the values pre-filled in the Contacts app, or are the “auto-filled” values uploaded to the server automatically? Do you have to edit the contact to make it upload?

    I have never heard of this behavior and just need much more information to get an idea.

  • Hello,

    after some hours of debugging, it came out, that egroupware altered the address fields, and that was synced back to device.

  • developer

    @oregszun I see – did you find a solution?

  • Hi, looks like upgrading to latest version of egroupware 14 fixed the issue.

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