• Hi all,

    I installed davdroid on my phone to sync my calendars using caldav. Server side I got a horde server.
    My old phone use caldav-sync and it work well.
    On the new one I install caldav sync without result so I tried davdroid and the calendars are only sync from the phone to the server (which eliminate any permissions problems).

    I have no clue what to search for in the logs.
    Any direction would be appreciated.

    I use the last version of horde on Debian Jessie (updated yesterday)
    I use the last version of davdroid available on the play store.
    My phone is a nexus 5x using android 7.0

    Here are the debug information from the app (expiring on December 22th 2016) :
    Prolem solved. No more need for debug info.

  • Okay solved the problem myself. It may be useful for someone else.

    I am a bit paranoid so my server have a strict firewall blocking anything that has not been white listed. Even on output.
    Horde need to synchronize the timezone using caldav. There for it tries to get timezone infos using a ftp:
    $conf[‘timezone’][‘location’] =‘ftp://ftp.iana.org/tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz’;
    It was blocked by my firewall and therefore blocking sync.

    thanks for the app

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