DAVDroid: Calendar sync suddenly stopped after some days (connect to "All-Inkl.com")

  • Dear all,
    after successfully installing DAVDroid on my Samsung J5 smartphone I created accounts for all of our 5 existing calendars (hosted at provider “All-Inkl.com”, connected by calendar URL’s).
    After synchronisation everything worked fine for some days (=> all account data were entered correctly). Then I realized that new calendar entries created on the smartphone were no longer synchronized with the calendars on the server.
    I am not seeing any error messages on the Smartphone either.
    Furthermore, there have not been any changes in the account setup of the calendars.
    The sync problem is relevant for all 5 calendars.
    Neither automatic sync nor sync by clicking on the “Synchronize” buttons doesn’t show any effect.
    I also have an iPhone connected to the calendars on the server. Sync between these two devices is working without problems.
    Any hint would be appreciated.
    Many thanks!

  • developer

  • Hi,
    I hope that I caught the correct files…

    File “debug.txt”:

    File “davdroid-15900-20161117-195425.txt”:

    You might realize that some of the calendars have “Sync only via WLAN” active and some have not. This is just something that I tried in order to fix the problem - without success.


  • developer

    Unfortunately, these logs don’t contain any useful information. It seems that DAVdroid synchronization is not even called by the system (yes, DAVdroid doesn’t synchronize by itself, but it’s started by the Android system), so I guess it’s some Android settings … maybe “restrict background data” or something like that.

  • Yes, I think you’re right.
    I checked some other apps; all of them were synchronized on November 8th for the last time - which is exactly the date when the phone was updated to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Therefore it might be a problem caused by this release!?

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