Immediate sync does not work

  • Manual CalDAV & CardDAV sync works fine, but the settings say "Contacts/Calendar sync interval : every 240 minutes + immediately on local changes", however the update is not performed on my server.

    I activated the logs when I modify a DAVdroid contact, for example. I don't think anything happens at all. Here are the logs I found in SD card > Android > data >at.bitfire.davdroid > files :
    2016-11-11 20:10:24 10 [cert4android.CustomCertManager$1] Connected to service
    2016-11-11 20:11:18 10 [App$ReinitSettingsReceiver] Received broadcast: re-initializing settings (logger/cert manager)
    2016-11-11 20:11:18 10 [App] Verbose logging: false

    2016-11-11 20:11:18 0 [App] Verbose logging: false
    2016-11-11 20:12:21 2 [AccountSettings] Account has version 4, current version: 4
    2016-11-11 20:14:13 0 [AccountSettings] Account has version 4, current version: 4

    My server is OwnDrive (ownCloud architecture).
    Thanks for any help.

  • developer

    Sounds like global synchronization is disabled. Please provide debug info to check this.

  • @rfc2822 thanks for your answer.
    I read that page and this is what I have been trying to do by posting the (short) logs in my first message.
    As I don't have any notification, I enabled "log to external storage" and I guessed SD card > Android > data >at.bitfire.davdroid > files was the folder to look into. I don't see anything else. Maybe I'm missing some other logs in another place?

  • developer

    @pHneutre Please do this:

    ❗ Important: Go to DAVdroid / Settings (left navigation drawer in the main screen) / Debug info. Send these information to yourself (using the "Share" action, for instance by email). Paste the info to or a similar service and provide a link.

  • @rfc2822 Ow sorry. Here you go :

  • developer

    @pHneutre Thanks.

    System-wide synchronization: manually

    Automatic synchronization is disabled on your phone. It's an Android setting – you can find it in the system bar sometimes ("Sync" button), or in Android Settings / Accounts / ⋮ / Auto-sync data or something like that.

  • Awesome, thanks a lot!

  • developer

    @pHneutre Happy that it now works for you.


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