• I recently got the driver to work on my install of Ubuntu. On my tablet I start up the app and and put in the IP of my laptop as the network host, but when I move my finger around the screen nothing comes through to the terminal. I’ve disabled the firewall on Ubuntu but for some reason I can’t ping my tablet from my laptop, yet I can ping both from my router. The WiFi icon on my tablet doesn’t show any network activity when I’m moving my finger on the screen with the app open and set up either.

  • I had the same issue until I re-installed the app while having networktablet running and made sure the first host setting I put in was correct. Maybe it doesn’t actually try to reconnect after changing the settings? (I made a typo the first time.)

  • developer


    1. verify that the host name or IP address in GfxTablet is set correctly (GfxTablet will tell you the IP address in a short pop-up when the canvas gets active),
    2. check the network traffic with tcpdump or Wireshark.

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