DavDroid + New Synology calendar not working

  • Hi, Synology released a new package Synology Calendar. Synchronizing calendar data is via CalDAV.

    When setting up an account in your application, you receive an error.

    Synchronization works through Thunderbird or aCalDAV.

    You advise please, where could be the problem?


  • developer


    According to the logs (which seem to be incomplete; there’s only the CardDAV part? did you send the complete logs of “View logs”?), the URL is https://MYDOMAIN:PORT/caldav.php/jirka/home/ (note the .php)

    Can you try that? If it doesn’t work, too, there’s a server misconfiguration, see the server’s response:


    By the way, which CalDAV server do you use on Synology? For the one I know there’s documentation at https://davdroid.bitfire.at/configuration/synology/

  • I tried to write with .php and everything now works. Thanks a lot.

    Synology yesterday issued a completely new Calendar beta package. Unfortunately, the Synology website is not written about it yet.

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