DAVDroid crashes w/ Zimbra share calendars

  • DAVDroid crashes w/ Zimbra share calendars.

    1. get a working Zimbra plateform
    2. have a shared calendar in your list
    3. uncheck Apple iCal CalDAV option
    4. add a WebDAV account on your Android device
    5. try to update your share calendars, or even to access the calendars list, w/ shared calendars … and you’ll have an error message saying “DAVDroid crashed”

    it should be helpful because I’ve got a good feeling w/ DAVDroid and I’d to be able to use it for all my DAV syncs

  • developer

    I don’t know where to get a Zimbra demo account for free. Can you set up a test account for us and mail it to play@bitfire.at?

  • ok email sent w/ a test account that has a shared calendar and all options correctly setted for CalDAV synchronization.

    for a proof-of-concept, in DAVDroid, follow the next steps :

    1. add a DAVDroid Account using a Zimbra Access :
    • url: XXX
    • username: XXX@XXX.XX
    • password: XXX
    1. select two calendars (one owned by you, and one shared by someone else)
    2. go to your calendar
    3. parameters > calendars to sync > calendar to sync
    4. check the shared calendar
    5. back … then DAVDroid will crash
    6. back again the the “calendars to sync” and DAVDroid will crash on every action until you uncheck this shared calendar from synced cals
    7. now try to add “Calendar” (owned by you), and everything will go fine.
      that’s it.
  • developer

    This seems to be a combination of the fact that Zimbra uses colons in UIDs which is quite uncommon and a bug in the iCal4j library. Please see bug 166 in iCal4j-vcard. I think I will wait for response from the iCal4j authors.

  • developer

    (Reopening) URLs with : should now be handled correctly, but problems in VCard parsing will persist

  • developer

    Please see also http://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=84857
    Waiting for feedback from Zimbra

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