CM13 - No contacts at telephone / sms apps

  • Hi there, since weeks I struggle upon a problem, which I can’t solve on my own and asked at different forums for support 1, 2. No sucess…
    I’m not sure if this is a Davdroid bug itself, but I think you are wise enough to point me to ways to find the component which causes the trouble?

    My problem is, that after an update to CyanogenMod13 (Android 6), no contacts are shown when I receive a call or when I read an SMS. So I just see the numbers itself…
    That is really odd, esp. as most other stuff works well

    • all contacts are synced with my nextcloud 10 (aka owncloud) instance
    • all contacts are listed in contacts app
    • in contacts detail view, the SMS and calls are listed

    Unfortunatly I’m not familar with this level of detail on how Android manages the contacts between all apps. It’s hard to say, at which point the reference is broken. I only noticed, that numbers are shown with space (I guess for better reading e.g. ‘1234 4567’)
    What I already tried is:

    • reboot
    • check access rights between app
    • stop apps, clear cache+data of sms, telephone, davdroid app
    • resync davdroid with nextcloud

    So any ideas, how I can analyse at which point the numbers get broken?

  • I solved the problem, by wiping data, cache, dalvik partitions. After reinitialisation and installing the apps, everything works fine again!

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