Two Phones-One Will Not See Caldav on Noextcloud

  • My wife and I both have Nexus 5x phones running Android 7. I have been using Davdroid with my Nextcloud server for calendar and contact syncing for awhile now with no problems. Today, I wanted to give my wife access to my calendars on her phone too so I bought Davdroid for her phone too. When I went to setup a new connection Davdroid using the URL and username/password, Davdroid tells me that it “Couldn’t find CalDAV or CardDAV service.” So I tried connecting using the IP address of my Nextcloud server to rule out DNS issues. Still did not work. Looking at the logs, I see a reference to “Method Not Allowed. The requested method PROPFIND is not allowed for the URL /index.html.” I rebooted the Nextcloud server. Just to test my phone (which has been working fine for months), I entered a new calendar event using the Nextcloud web interface and then manually synced Davdroid. The event showed up immediately on my phone so I know that CalDAV is up and running on the Nextcloud server. Which leaves me at a loss as to why my wife’s phone that is the same model, on the same version of Android, running the same version of Davdroid (1.3.1-gplay), is on the same LAN, and yet my phone sees the CalDAV service but hers does not. I have not updated the Linux/Nextcloud/Apache/MariaDB on the Nextcloud server since I setup my phone, so that can not be factor either.

    Not sure where to go from here.


  • developer

    @scoobybri Did you use the URL as described on ?

    Please post the complete detection logs (you can send them to yourself over email).

  • Thanks! It works using the URL on the help page you sent. It’s weird that it worked before without specifying the page and directory. Oh well. It works now. Thanks again


  • developer

    @scoobybri You don’t need to enter the path when well-known URLs are configured correctly. Maybe these have been removed or are not correct anymore.

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