Name disappearing on Sone Xperia X


I'm having the same issue as described here for another model: Name diasppears after saving a contact using Sony Xperia M4 Aqua.

Unfortunately the contact app recommended in the FAQ (True Contacts) isn't available on the Sony Xperia X. Can you recommend an alternative?


I don't know any alternative, sorry... you maybe find the true contacts apk file (to directly download and install it). I don't know if it works on Android 6+

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I found with which I can edit contacts. it however doesn't seem to be a replacement for the regular contacts app. What's exactly the problem with the default app? My phone is still on warranty, if it's broken I can have it repaired 😉


@Reto The Sony default Contacts app has various bugs leading to corruption of contact names; but because it's not open-source, we won't be able to tell you the exact problem. Also, I guess Sony won't fix software bugs by warranty, but you can of course try (see

Why is True Contacts not available for your phone? But as far as I know, there are many other contact editors in the store, too. Any should work.

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True Contact is only available for Android < 6 (Xperia X is now using Android 7) and I didn't find a similar app. What I did find is that all fields synchronize when using the "CardDAV-Sync"-App unfortunately this app is not yet open source, so it's not possible to see how they implemented a work-around.

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