nextCloud Calendar Subscription not shown

  • nextCloud Calendar recently added support for webcal subscriptions. These currently don't appear along with other calendars when syncing with DAVdroid. It would be great if this feature were added in the future.

  • developer

    Nextcloud doesn't provide subscriptions as calendar collections, so there's no possibility for DAVdroid to see them. See:

    For direct Webcal subscriptions, please have a look at FAQ: How can I subscribe to a HTTP or local .ics (iCalendar) file?.

  • @rfc2822 the next response on the github issue was,

    "They do, this calendar app is also only a caldav client.
    The iOS and OS X calendar app will also display it properly."

    Doesn't this imply that it's possible for clients such as DAVdroid to also sync them or am I missing something? I was using ICSdroid before the Calendar update and it worked great but it would be nice to be able to do subscriptions all in one place instead of individual applications. Thanks for looking into this!

  • developer

    @alan Nextcloud reports:


    So it's not a calendar collection and thus can't be listed (and synchronized) by DAVdroid.

    Even if DAVdroid would understand the subscribed resource type, it would not be possible to synchronize those subscriptions with DAVdroid, because DAVdroid is a CalDAV client and not a Webcal client.

    So you'll have to continue using ICSdroid (or another Webcal client).

  • developer

    Support for subscribed calendars (Webcal feeds; tested with Nextcloud) with ICSdroid is now available in 1.8-beta1, please help testing

  • developer

    Support for subscribed calendars (using ICSdroid) is now available with DAVdroid 1.8.


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