• I recently started having trouble with my phone syncing with NextCloud. I thought maybe it was the DAVDroid update but am pretty sure I’m wrong about that. My tablet is running the same version and it worked fine last time I tried.

    Right now when I try to sync DAVDroid, I get 403 errors for Tasks and Calendar. Contacts isn’t throwing any errors but I’m guessing that is because I haven’t updated anything.

    I have disabled my firewall but have disabled some services as well as have some blocked on Privacy Guard on CyanogenMod. I’ve been going through and allowing services to run freely but still haven’t found the cause of this.

    Which services are required for DAVDroid to run Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks?

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    @x000111 DAVdroid requires

    • a working CalDAV server to synchronize calendars and tasks,
    • a working CardDAV server to synchronize contacts.

    In NextCloud, the respective apps are named Calendar, Contacts and Tasks (see DAVdroid Configuration: Nextcloud). NextCloud has been tested with DAVdroid successfully.

    If you want to discuss a specific problem, please provide steps to reproduce, debug info and verbose logs.

  • Its funny how after looking through logs for a while your brain gets into a mode where you feel like you’re making things completely clear. Then you go back and read your post and realize how ambiguous you had been… Sorry. I wasn’t very clear. Let me try again.

    I have NextCloud running on a server right now. My tablet can access it and sync just fine. But my phone is not syncing. My phone is blocking certain Android apps/services. I’m wondering which Android apps/services that DAVDroid needs to actually communicate with my NextCloud server. Right now, my error logs are showing that I’m getting a 403. This is definitely from an app on my phone being disabled or blocked. I know this because I recently had to flash a new ROM. I was able to sync just fine but after enabling some security features, I am no longer able to sync. Is there possibly a list of the required apps for DAVDroid to work on an Android device?

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    To synchronize calendars, you need the Android Calendar storage (system app com.android.providers.calendar) + permissions. It should be available and enabled by default on all Android firmwares.

    To synchronize contacts, you need the Android Contacts storage (system app com.android.providers.contacts) + permissions. It should be available and enabled by default on all Android firmwares.

    To synchronize tasks, you need the OpenTasks app + permissions.

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