• Hello,
    I’m using ICSdroid for more than one year and I like the app very much. Unfortunately with the version 1.3 (F-Droid 19.05.2016) I’m suddenly getting an error 404 with a calendar on a moodle. The address is something like
    In future and with Thunderbirds Ligthning it works fine.
    What can I do?

  • developer


    This sounds like a server (configuration) problem to me. (I can’t imagine an ICSdroid problem where it would receive a 404.) Can you contact the admin of your server?

  • Okay, thank you. But what shall I say? They will tell me that it is working with Thunderbird and so the problem is with my app.

  • developer

    @publicfriend You can say that 404 is a server error and not a client error. Maybe the server whitelists acceptable clients?

    You can also send the URL + credentials to play@bitfire.at (OpenPGP key) if you want, so that I can have a look.

  • Hello again! There was no problem of ICSdroid. I pasted an URL that I’ve send to myself. and that was converted to ASCII, so that I pasted amp;instead of &. Now its working fine.

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