Too many notifications on failure to sync

  • I am currently rebuilding my ownCloud server, so the DAV endpoint currently return a 403 Forbidden error. The following is observed with DAVDroid 1.3-ose from F-Droid on a CM13 device.

    DAVDroid doesn’t handle this very well: every few minutes, it spams my notifications with errors. The number seems to match the number of collections configured to be synced.


    Even if I swipe them away, they come back pretty soon, after what I assume is the sync period.

    It might be better to only show one aggregate notification (which I think was the case in the past), saying something like “Some synchronisation tasks failed”, and offer the full list when the user taps the notification.

  • developer

    @shtrom Exactly, it’s the number of collections, and they appear again after the sync period.

    As soon as you fix your server and the synchronization works again, the notifications will disappear.

    Notification grouping is – as far as I know – not trivial, but a patch would be welcome.

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