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    I’m new on this site and have just started using DAVDroid in the hope it would sync Daylites’ address book, task list and calendar to my Samsung S6.

    I have followed the configuration guide and can get both Calendar and Tasks to sync perfectly. However, the address book refuses to do so.

    Has anyone here had experience of this or know of a workaround that I might be able to use?

    Any help will be gratefully received.



  • developer

    Unfortunately, Daylite has never worked with DAVdroid because of a server-side error (502 Bad Gateway on various occasions).

    We have communicated with Marketcircle, but they have said they don’t know whether/when they will have a look at it. I have now contacted Marketcircle again to ask whether there has been any progress in this case.

  • admin

    The Marketcircle support told us that they primarily only support iOS. However, they have opened a feature request a year ago already (when we first communicated with them), but as it seems this bug has pretty low priority.

  • That is bitterly disappointing.

    Thank you both for the updates.

    I shall contact Marketcircle too and see what they say.

    Thanks once again,


  • admin

    That would be great, the more people they hear from the higher the chance they will put some love into this… I think it’s not very much effort to adjust it, but someone there with enough knowledge of the internals has to look at it.

  • @rfc2822

    I have contacted them directly moaning about how atrocious the DAV support is. Ironically, they do cater for it and advertise the fact on their website.

    So I have asked them to please look into this, so that I can continue to use their software across all platforms.

    I’ll keep you updated.

  • developer

    Solved, and Daylite is now supported: https://davdroid.bitfire.at/configuration/daylite/

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