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    DAVdroid 1.3.3

    • authentication: always use UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1 for Basic credentials to implement RFC 7617
    • event sync: don’t set event classification (CLASS:PRIVATE) when “privacy” is “default”
    • contact sync: remove “disable RFC 6868” option (RFC 6868 is now always enabled)
    • task sync: ignore invalid DUE values which are before DTSTART
    • minor bug fixes and improvements (including internal refactoring, Android JUnit4 tests and Gitlab CI)

    The new UTF-8 encoding for authentication allows you to use passwords with non-ASCII special characters (Umlauts etc.) with several servers/services, including

    • Nextcloud,
    • OwnCloud,
    • MyKolab,
    • Fruux, and
    • GMX.

    Posteo: the “disable RFC 6868” account setting is not needed anymore.

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    • share debug info: always use attachment (before: send inline if it was small enough)
    • use FileProvider for debug info attachment (for Android 7 compatibility)
    • new translations


    • rewrite authentication scheme parameters to lower case (to accept “Realm” as well as “realm”)
    • disable compression for GET requests because it may change the ETag


    • better handling for empty FN/N (for instance, organization-only contacts without structured name)


    • upgrade to ical4j 2.0.0-rc2
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    Version 1.3.4


    • add app-wide HTTP proxy setting
    • debug info: send inline on Android <4.1 and when creating an attachment doesn’t work


    • upgrade to ical4j 2.0 final
    • ignore DTSTART instead of DUE if DTSTART > DUE
    • better handling of events without DTEND/DURATION
    • handle TransactionTooLargeException correctly when a single operation is too large


    • handle TransactionTooLargeException correctly when a single operation is too large
    • rescale photos when they’re bigger than ContactsContract.DisplayPhoto.DISPLAY_MAX_DIM
      before inserting them into the Android contact provider


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    • allow renaming of accounts (as far as possible)
    • various bug fixes


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    Version 1.3.5

    • contact sync bug fix: contacts were always downloaded from beginning until there was a successful sync
    • ical4android: use the same ORGANIZER for all VEVENT components
    • minor improvements and bug fixes
    • gradle/okhttp upgrade
    • new translations (thanks to all translators!)
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    DAVdroid 1.3.6


    • better detection of whether OpenTasks is installed or not (fixes Android 7 phantom sync entries)
    • automatically enable/disable task sync when OpenTasks is (un)installed
    • fix “permissions required” notification
    • update to SDK level 25 (Android 7.1.1)


    • remove ORGANIZER from all VEVENT components if there are not attendees


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    DAVdroid 1.3.7

    • delete local contacts at sync when no CardDAV collection is selected
    • change authentication restriction to domain instead of host name (fixes missing authentication when downloading iCloud images)

    If you’re experiencing some missing photos when using iCloud® (or other services which store photos as external authenticated downloads on the same domain, but other hosts):

    1. update to DAVdroid 1.3.7
    2. unselect the address book in the DAVdroid account
    3. force sync in the DAVdroid account 🔁 → all local contacts are now removed
    4. select the address book in the DAVdroid account again
    5. force sync in the DAVdroid account again 🔁 → all contacts will be downloaded again, now with photo
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    Hotfix: workaround for “contacts/calendar sync not available” on buggy firmware

    If you’re affected by this problem:

    1. Uninstall DAVdroid
    2. Install DAVdroid
    3. Set up the account(s) again
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    Version 1.3.8

    • added verbose information about current local and remote resource to debug info (helps to find faulty contacts/events, for instance when they’re not parseable)
    • new translations, which also fix a crash in the Spanish version

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