• When I create an event on galaxy s4 and press sync, the event is created on posteo, too.
    But when I delete the event on posteo web frontend and press sync on android, the event is created in posteo again and is not deleted on phone as expected.

  • developer

    Just tried with DAVdroid 0.3.5-alpha and Posteo and discovered two things:

    1. it works from DAVdroid side
    2. some events couldn’t be deleted on Posteo using their Web interface

    So maybe that’s a Posteo problem. Please try to

    • disable sync (turn off your device or whatever) to be sure that DAVdroid doesn’t interfere
    • delete the event that is apparently synced back using Posteo Web interface
    • push “Refresh” in Posteo Web interface
      -> the event is shown again (at least here), so it’s not a DAVdroid problem

    Other events could be deleted (and were gone when hitting Refresh), and these events were also deleted on the DAVdroid device as expected.

  • developer

    Closing, the bug has been confirmed by posteo

  • okay, thank you for your response 😉

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