Restart deletes accounts (moved to SD card)

  • Hello,

    as already noted in the title, restart of Android deletes my account.
    Sync works fine, but although JBWorkaround is installed, accounts are gone when restarting.

    Archos Neon 40, Android Lollipop 5.1, DAVDroid 1.2.3-gplay, JBWorkaround installed.

    Hopefully you can help me,
    b rgds.

  • developer

    This problem has been fixed by Google for Android 5+. The JB Workaround is not required for Android 5 and can even cause problems.

    Are you sure that the problem also occurs without the workaround? In this case, I unfortunately don’t have any hints …

  • Thx for your hint, but I already tried both, initially without JB Workaround, then tried to install it - same behaviour.
    Nevertheless, at least I’ll now uninstall JB workaround now, since you also mentioned, that it may causes other problems.
    B rgds.

  • developer

    Are only DAVdroid accounts gone? Do you have other (paid) apps which create accounts?

    You can try DAVdroid from F-Droid, because Google Play DRM is not applied to that and maybe that’s the cause.

  • At least I found the problem, no problem with DavDroid at all!
    I found the setting allowing Android to choose the best location for APP-installation.
    SD-card was chosen, accounts are gone when restarting --> after moving the app to internal memory, everything worked fine 😉

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