Cursor is hidden when trying to move/draw

  • Everything seems to be work, touch, pressure, etc. Only mouse cursor become hidden when start using gfxtablet by galaxy note pen or just touch to tablet screen.

    Is there any way to keep mouse cursor visible like when using common graphics tablet?

  • I figured out the problem:

    To make cursor visible, device name must contain “pen” or “mouse”, so if you change a line

    snprintf(, UINPUT_MAX_NAME_SIZE, "Network Tablet");

    to something like

    snprintf(, UINPUT_MAX_NAME_SIZE, "Network Tablet pen");

    cursor will stay visible while you use GfxTablet.

  • Hi,

    sorry for my bad english first.

    i found a comand like your 2. example in file networktablet.c
    and i added there the word “pen” behind Tablet. so it looks like your example in 2. line
    but restart the skript ./networktablet doesent seems a difference to first.

    i have no response for my mouse cursor position on the pc screen when i move the spen over the tablet

    hope anybody can help me

  • @loentar Adding “pen” worked great for me; thanks for the tip! As there is a makefile, recreating the program also worked flawlessly.
    Only strange side-effect (but might not be releted to this) is when I now activate the tablet, for the mouse the foreground and background colors seems swapped. As the pen works as intended, I can live with that

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