sync issue in xiaomi

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    System-wide synchronization: manually

    Auto-sync is disabled for the whole system. Don’t know where the option is for your device. Often there’s a Sync on/off button in the top system bar, and it should be in Android Settings / Accounts / Synchronize data automatically or something like that.

    Please try with enabled sync for your device.

  • Of course. As you can read at step 7 of previous post I enabled the auto-sync android button. In fact everything syncs except DavDroid

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    @fastidio Then I don’t have any idea. Synchronization is not triggered by DAVdroid, but DAVdroid is only called by the system. What happens if you go into the DAVdroid account in Android settings / Accounts? Can you force synchronization there?

    Maybe some of Miui’s privacy settings, see no calendars visible, no bugs, no notifications?

  • I solved.
    DavDroid must be enabled as startup app under


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    @fastidio Thanks for sharing your solution. (Whatever a “startup app” is; DAVdroid doesn’t require any autostart permissions because it’s launched by Android for synchronization.)

  • well, I understand… you should discuss it with miui developers…

  • Just want to confirm that enabling DavDroid as autostart app resolves this problem for me as well. Prior to doing so, I saw this in the adb logs. I don’t know if this is related though.

    E/SyncManager( 1056): Bind attempt failed - target: ComponentInfo{at.bitfire.davdroid/at.bitfire.davdroid.syncadapter.CalendarsSyncAdapterService}

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    I have created a new FAQ: How do I enable DAVdroid synchronization on Xiaomi MIUI?

    We do not have a MIUI device, so would it be possible that you post a screenshot of the Security / Permissions / Autostart activity so that we can add it to the FAQ article?

  • 0_1476463136730_Screenshot_2016-10-14-17-39-17-274_com.miui.securitycenter.png
    Open ‘Security’, select ‘Permissions’.
    Select Autostart.
    Toggle autostart on for desired app(s). I found that I needed to do the same thing with OpenTasks for tasks synchronization to work.

    Battery settings:
    Swipe down from top of screen and select cog, search for battery, select ‘Manage apps battery usage’.
    Select ‘choose apps’
    Select desired app(s).
    And set ‘no restrictions’.

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    Thanks to a very nice person we met at Nextcloud conf 2017 we were able to personally take some important screenshots from a Xiaomi device and managed to find out what you need to do to get DAVdroid working with Xiaomi devices. Please have a look at these screenshots and on the colorized sections (stuff that belongs together is colored (orange, blue and pink) the same way).


    Don’t forget to also remove your battery restrictions (if you want DAVdroid to sync automatically):


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