• Since DAVdroid 1.2.2 the setup of task synchronization fails with OpenTasks installed on Android 5.1.

    Steps to reproduce:

    • Clear device (in my case Fairphone 2 with Open OS 16.06)
    • Install OpenTasks
    • Install DAVdroid 1.2.2
    • Setup account (in my case posteo.de)

    Observed behavior:

    • Task list does not appear in OpenTasks
    • DAVdroid shows ‘tasks sync. interval’ to be ‘not available’

    Expected behavior:

    • Task list should appear in OpenTasks


    • Use DAVdroid 1.2
  • developer

    Thanks for the report. This has been fixed with eb70f8690f1b04a1104d3729843ddcf881fa8ee0 and should be working again in DAVdroid 1.2.3.

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