• I use Davdroid to sync with Owncloud. I do not sync tasks and did not install OpenTasks. Then, I get the following sync error:

    08-01 13:54:11.269 10623 11056 E ActivityThread: Failed to find provider info for org.dmfs.tasks
    08-01 13:54:11.279   659   697 D SyncManager: failed sync operation Owncloud u0 (bitfire.at.davdroid), org.dmfs.tasks, USER, currentRunTime 5133228, EXPEDITED, reason: 10119, SyncResult: databaseError: true stats []
    08-01 13:54:11.282   659   697 D SyncManager: not retrying sync operation because the error is a hard error: Owncloud u0 (bitfire.at.davdroid), org.dmfs.tasks, USER, currentRunTime 5183103, reason: 10119

    Only when I manually change the synchronization interval in Davdroid for tasks from every 240 minutes to manually, the synchronization works without errors.

  • developer

    Are you using Android 6+? Please always provide debug info. It contains important information like the Android version.

    Thanks for the hint: maybe we can activate sync, but disable automatic sync on Android 6+ when OpenTasks is not installed.

    Please follow up in “Sync error” without OpenTasks.

  • Yes, I am using Android 6.0.

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