Can't create new contact on mobile phone

  • Hi

    Information to my installation:
    Andoird-Version: 5.1.1
    DAVdroid-Version: 1.2.1-gplay
    Hoster: (Installation how to:

    What is working:

    • Alle contacts (and calendaritems) were synchronised correctly from the server.
    • New calendar items on the phone were synchronised correctly to my web calendar

    Effect: New Contacts can not be saved correctly on the phone


    1. type new number on my android phone -> press “create new contact”
    2. the dialog with “surname”, “firstname” opens. Chose “DAVdroid-Contact” to save on my online contact book
    3. Insert “firstname” and “surname”
    4. Press “save”
    5. The new contact is shown on the mobile phone
    6. Force the sync with the online CardDAV in “DAVdroid”
    7. The new Contact is now saved with the telephon number as the “firstname”. Alle other information are gone. On the Phone and in the online contact. Interesting is: When I look in the “Cardbook” extension of Thunderbird the field “X-PHONETIC-FIRST-NAME” still contains the first name i’ve put into the field on the android phone.

    What is the matter?

    Thanks for helping.

    Greetings from Switzerland

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