"Open Tasks not installed"... although it actually is

  • Hello everyone,

    I installed Open Tasks from fdroid, and then DAVdroid. However, DAVdroid complains about the fact that Open Tasks isn’t installed. I uninstalled DAVdroid and reinstalled it again, and the problem remains. Did the same thing with Open Tasks, still the same thing.

    Here’s my debug information:

    Thanks for your work!



  • developer


    (Un)fortunately, this problem can’t be reproduced here. Please provide steps to reproduce, including when exactly which error message appears.

  • Hi,

    The steps are the following:

    1. Install OpenTasks from fdroid.
    2. Install DAVdroid from fdroid.
    3. When DAVdroid is opened, the following message appears: "OpenTasks not installed

    The OpenTasks app is not available, so DAVdroid won’t be able to synchronize task lists.

    After installing OpenTasks, you have to RE-INSTALL DAVdroid and add your accounts again (Android bug)."



  • developer


    I can’t reproduce this on my devices. Maybe your firmware somehow doesn’t allow DAVdroid to list installed packages?

  • I see, interesting. The thing is I can’t install a custom ROM on my device, as there are none available.
    Do you have an idea of a workaround?

    Thanks for your help, and thanks again for your great work.

  • It seems it does work fine when device is rooted.

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