IMPP with : in value can't be uploaded

  • Steps to Reproduce

    1. Edit a contact via default address contacts app
    2. Add a “custom” messenger type and give the type a name, such as “Ring”
    3. Enter an ID such as “ring:0123456789abcdef”

    Expected Result

    The contact should sync as usual.

    Actual result

    Sync fails on PUT request (synchronisation phase 4) for the edited contact.

    System Info

    CyanogenMod 13.0-nightly (not up-to-date though)

  • developer

    Hello, please provide debug info and verbose logs. I guess there is some problem in the URI encoding of the IMPP property.

  • developer

    I have just followed your steps, and this is the VCard generated by DAVdroid:

    PRODID:+//IDN vcard4android ez-vcard/0.9.10

    The IMPP value looks as expected, and there was no upload error.

    By the way, why the “ring:” prefix in the value, if you have already chosen Ring as custom type?

    I guess your server doesn’t unterstand this IMPP value and thus throws an error.

    As said above, debug info, verbose logs and detailed steps to reproduce (including server and client versions, setup etc.) would be required to trace this problem.

  • Thanks for looking into this.

    I didn’t provide any logs because I’m unable to anonymise them without potentially destroying useful information. I’ll try reproducing the issue with a new contact and post a log for that.

    Unfortunately I can’t say much about the server. I am using the address book provided by Posteo but I don’t know what they use internally.

    And as to why I’m still adding “ring:” to the IMPP string: It’s actually automatically added by the Ring app. I guess that’s simply the format of their IDs.


    I was pretty sure the issue was due to the new value of the IMPP field since sync failed for the exact two contacts that I had linked with their Ring IDs. It must have been something else though, since I have also been unable to reproduce the problem with a fresh contact. I have worked around the issue by deleting and re-creating both problematic contacts.

    I guess this thread can be closed now. Thanks for your time.

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