• At first i like to say that my problem start with the last update DavDroid -> 1.1.1

    Now i am back to version and it works perfectly.

    The server is owncloud 8.2.5.

    I have a android 5.0 device and there 2 DavDroid-accounts only for calendars. The contacts are synced with CardDav (sorry but this is because of the problem with the fotos last year).

    Now the problem with version 1.1.1:
    I have 2 accounts, account 1 has 3 calendars calA calB and calC, and account 2 has 2 calendars calD and calE.

    I create on the andoid-device the first account and it find all 3 calendars calA calB calC, perfect.

    Now create account 2 but this will find the same 3 calendars from account 1 (calA calB calC) and not its own calendars (calD calE).

    I delete everything and install the old version and create both accounts and it works perfect.

    My wife with an android 6.0 device has the same problem with account 2 and account 3. It depends on the first account that i create, the second account will get the same calendars like the first account.

    If you need settings and debug-info: now i have installed, if no other user has this problem then i will install 1.1.1 again and send this information 😉

    Can someone help ?
    Thanks, Wolfgang

  • developer

    I guess it’s related to the very strange method how *cloud uses authentication cookies. The volatile cookie handling of DAVdroid enables to deal with this, so please use version

  • This sounds good, i will install and test it asap.

  • Hi, have the actual version installed on one device and it works perfect the last 24 hours.
    Thanks for your help.

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