Two accounts on device sync error with nextcloud

  • Setup nextcloud last week.
    After some trouble with davdroid prior Version 1.1.1, one account on a device looks fine. Calendar and Contacts from Nextcloud synchronize without problems.

    Create a second account on same device looks fine at first moment. Diffrent named Calendar and Adressbook will show in the new Account.
    After create the new account davdroid throws Exceptions with sync problems.

    It looks like to try sync resources from the other account.

    The Notification can be found here

    Nextcloud 9.0.51
    apache 2.4.20

    Thanks in advance

  • developer

    Should be fixed with by using a per-client instance cookie store (and not a global one).

    I still consider it very strange behavior by *cloud to use session cookies for authentication, because CalDAV/CardDAV is stateless, and other UAs have a global cookie storage, too.

    The essence of the problem is as you would like to log in with two different accounts at the same Web site - it’s not possible with the same browser. *cloud shouldn’t use cookie-based authorization. For now, DAVdroid behaves like it was a separate browser for every sync process (which has the advantage of increased privacy, too).

  • Thanks very much for that fast update.
    With davdroid now all works as expected.

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