preemptive authentication problem after upgrade

  • recently I updated my old DavDroid version to the latest version. The syncronisation stopped working. It took me 1 1/2 hours to find out the root cause of the problem, namely this - preemptive authentication
    This is not supported with Baikal.
    Wouldn’t it be better that the upgrade process would leave the configuration unchanged? Maybe I’m wrong, but I assume that DavDroid would have kept working with the old configuration if it would not have been changed to preemptive authentication.
    This is just an idea to avoid this kind of problem for other Baikal user also updating DavDroid…

  • developer


    DAVdroid doesn’t/shouldn’t update the preemptive authentication setting during an update (at least I have never told it to do so intentionally).

    So, if we shall have a look at this, we would need exact steps to reproduce (including the exact version numbers).

  • I used a version of DavDroid June/July 2015. I’ve updated via F-Droid. Actually I didn’t do anything else. Then the 401 sync-error came up automatically.
    Since nobody else complaint about this authentication problem , I guess it’s a rare bug and probably not worth investigating.

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