Google refuses DAVdroid updates in Play Store

  • developer

    Currently, new DAVdroid versions uploaded to Play Store are refused because “they violate Google’s payment policy”:

    Thanks for submitting your app to Google Play. I reviewed DAVdroid – CalDAV/CardDAV Sync, at.bitfire.davdroid, and had to reject it because it violates our payments policy. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still live on Google Play.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea why the payment policy is said to be violated. We have removed the donation link from the Google Play variant of DAVdroid and submitted it again, but they have refused it again (payment policy violated).

    So, at the moment, we can’t update DAVdroid on Play Store and don’t even know why. We have contacted Google and hope that this problem can be resolved soon.

  • Nice to hear seeing how I just bought the app a couple of days ago. I had been using the free version from F-droid for the past year and finally got around to buying it. Let us know what you hear from google.

  • developer

    Google has sent another rejection mail, claiming that DAVdroid allows donations, although we have already removed the donation link.

    Don’t know what to do anymore …

  • @rfc2822

    Weird, the version I have installed does show a donate button. Has that been removed in the latest version?
    I have version paid for in Google play store.

  • developer

    @ctgcwiqc As I said before, we have removed the donation link in the latest Google Play version, but it still won’t be accepted “because there is a donation link”.

  • @rfc2822 maybe they don’t like the donate button on your website?

  • developer

    @Hermann- I can’t imagine that the contents of our Website can be covered by Google’s payment policy, which is only applicable to what we upload to Google Play. – But of course we all can’t know what Google demands and decides.

    At the moment, I think it’s related to the “staged rollout” – maybe they have always tested the last version which is submitted for 100 %, whereas the latest version (the one without donation link) was only submitted for 10 %. We have now increased the coverage of the latest version to 100 % and replied to them again, maybe it will work now.

  • @rfc2822 I just ckecked with the Conversations Messenger and they also have a paid version on play store and a donate button on their website. So it’s probably not that then…

  • developer

    Seems that it was related to the staged rollout. It’s now active again … 🙂

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