no calendars visible, no bugs, no notifications

  • I have a few calendars and contacts on an Owncloud server ( version 8.2.2). The contacts are synchronized fine. The calendars stopped syncing a while ago. I got neither error notifications nor errors in the log file. I removed the calendar account in the DAVDroid and added it back. Now I see the calendars in the DAVDroid but not in any calendar app. I access the calendars on the Owncloud successfully with Evolution on Fedora.


  • note: I replaced my real username with “username” in the logs

  • developer

    Is there any active privacy guard etc., or have permissions been denied?

  • Solved! It was the MIUI (Xiaomi phones modified Android) app permission system. I’m not 100% sure, but it’s possible that this has messed up during the MIUI 7 upgrade. Few other apps were affected is a similar way.

    For the reference, how to fix the problem on MIUI:

    • hit the menu (hamburger) hw button to get the recent apps list
    • find DAVDroid and long tap to get the app details
    • go to the Permission manager
    • allow contact and calendar related actions
  • developer

    Thanks for the explanation.