no calendars visible, no bugs, no notifications


I have a few calendars and contacts on an Owncloud server ( version 8.2.2). The contacts are synchronized fine. The calendars stopped syncing a while ago. I got neither error notifications nor errors in the log file. I removed the calendar account in the DAVDroid and added it back. Now I see the calendars in the DAVDroid but not in any calendar app. I access the calendars on the Owncloud successfully with Evolution on Fedora.



note: I replaced my real username with "username" in the logs


Is there any active privacy guard etc., or have permissions been denied?

Temporal relations are not necessarily causal relations.


Solved! It was the MIUI (Xiaomi phones modified Android) app permission system. I'm not 100% sure, but it's possible that this has messed up during the MIUI 7 upgrade. Few other apps were affected is a similar way.

For the reference, how to fix the problem on MIUI:

  • hit the menu (hamburger) hw button to get the recent apps list
  • find DAVDroid and long tap to get the app details
  • go to the Permission manager
  • allow contact and calendar related actions

Thanks for the explanation.

Temporal relations are not necessarily causal relations.

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