Calendar items with 1 hour time shift

  • If I enter a new date via DavDroid it appears on some devices (Windows 10 calendar app) with a 1 hour time shift (to more early hours). By trying with different clients I found that it only appears of a date is entered with DavDroid but only the Windows 10 CalDav client shows the time shift. Interestingly this time shift only occurs in the direction DavDroid -> Windows 10 but not vice versa.
    Does anyone know how to solve the issue?

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    @earny2k Hello,

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a Windows 10 client to test. So, we would need verbose logs to identify the problem (if there is one in DAVdroid).

    By the way, I didn’t know there is a Windows 10 CalDAV client. Do you use the iCloud client trick? Then I guess it’s related to the fact that this client is not intended for CalDAV in general, but only specific servers.

  • I am not sure what you mean with iCloud trick since I just can enter the server and the textboxes are titled as CalDav and CardDav server names.
    I believe the windows client does not support log files.

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    @earny2k What is “the Windows 10 CalDAV client”? Where did you get it? Does it have a home page? Or is it shipped with Windows? According to various sources, it’s not possible to enter any server name in the one that comes with Windows 10, but only iCloud accounts, and then you have to change the server name in advanced settings (which is considered to be the iCloud trick or hack). But I don’t know … more details would be helpful.

    Also, you can use the DAVdroid logs when you synchronize such an event to see what’s inside the calendar files, which would possibly allow to see what’s going wrong.

  • Watching this, as I am interested to know what client he is referring to. Definitely not the Windows client, as last I checked there was no CalDav support. I had no luck with the iCloud trick either, probably because my public IP address is used to access server, not domain name.

  • It is the icloud trick, hence it is the build in calendar which I am refering to.
    I am sorry about the confusion this caused.
    I followed the instructions found here: and then the comment from jageb.

    Regarding the 1 hour shift I will go through the log file and see if I found something.

    noskule created this issue in fruux/Baikal

    closed baikal server & windows 10 #388

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