deleted calendar still appears in overview

  • I use the Cal/CardDav server baikal and almost everything seems to work fine.
    After the first synchronisation I had 4 calendars but then deleted 1 on the server. Now all 4 calendars sill appear in DavDroid, even if I sync manually. I also cannot delete the calendar, I get teh errror “A HTTP-error ocurred, at.bitfire.dav4androied.exception.NotFoundException 404 Not Found”.
    Does anyone know how to get rid of this additional folder/calendar?

  • developer


    Did you refresh the calendar list in DAVdroid?

  • If you mean with “refresh” clicking the circled arrows next to the gear-wheel in the top navigation line, then the answer is yes.

  • admin

    If you long-tap the icons you’ll find additional information on what action is performed. The circled arrows show “Synchronize now”.

    From DAVdroid version 1.0+ you’ll find an option to refresh the calendar list (see screenshot below). If you deleted one on the server it should disappear after resfreshing in the list DAVdroid shows, too!


  • Thanks, refreshing the calendar list solved the problem!

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