Add a tasker capability to manually trigger / change sync settings

  • Hi,

    There seem to be some isses with sync on local network, e.g.

    Idea from my side: Add a tasker action plugin for DAVdroid for:

    • trigger manual sync
    • change sync interval

    This would make DAVdroid more flexible.
    Just some use cases that would profit from this:

    • when I connect to my home wifi, immediately trigger a sync
    • limit syncing to more than one SSID
    • setup sync chains (e.g. with 5mins delay: tablet - phone - tablet) so all devices are synced at once
    • only sync in certain times (e.g. only during daytime)


  • developer

    This would of course be possible, although DAVdroid would require more privileges for that (e.g. to see when network has changed etc.). It would also increase complexity and I don't know whether this is really needed.

    If you're going to write a patch, please let us know before so that we can coordinate.

  • Hi,

    With tasker, DAVdroid would not need any more privileges and code (except the plugin interface)!

    Tasker is an automatisation tool that is quite flexible - and you can chose from many triggers (like on connect to a certain network / time intervals / ...) and actions. Many actions are provided by tasker, but other 3rd-party-apps can provide these actions as well.

    My point is that with a tasker plugin, all my use case examples can be handled by the user itself. However, I have to admit that tasker is quite a complex tool that is not fool-proof - so it not widely spread, and just used by some "geeks" - but it has 1000k installs, and people who want to use DAVdroid are not beginners as well ;-)

    Sorry that I can only contribute the idea. I have experience in coding for real time embedded systems, but no android experience...


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