• Hi,

    I encounter problems when synching changed contacts from Android phone (Android 6.0) to Posteo. Synching the contacts from Posteo to android worked but when I make changes to the contacts on the phone I get errors, that I cannot troubleshoot.
    It seems the posteo Server has an error with the transmitted vcard, but I don’t see a reason for this.

    Link to the error-log

    I tried another carddav sync software that doesn’t have the problem, but wanted to stick wiht DavDroid.

    Any help would be appreciated,

  • developer


    posteo doesn’t accept the VCard and says this line is invalid:

    ADR;LABEL=XXXXXXXXstr. 51^nKassel 34131^nDeutschland;TYPE=home:;;XXXXXXXXst[CR][LF]
     r. 51;Kassel;;34131;Deutschland[CR][LF]

    This line looks valid for me.

    It’s very likely a parsing problem of Posteo (probably because they use a very old SabreDAV version [1.7.1]; this problem doesn’t occur with recent SabreDAV versions). Before DAVdroid 1.0.9, DAVdroid didn’t use RFC 6868 caret encoding, which seems to be the cause of the current parsing problems.

    We have already contacted Posteo support, but didn’t receive a response yet.

  • Hey,

    just want to say that I experience the same problem: “unsupported media type”, referencing an address line.

    Looking forward for a solution since I set up a new phone and none of my contacts are synchronized due to this error.


  • developer

    @Oliver said in Contact Sync Error Android - Posteo:

    Looking forward for a solution since I set up a new phone and none of my contacts are synchronized due to this error.

    This solution will have to be provided by Posteo. Did you already contact them?

  • @rfc2822


    I didn’t thought about that, because you wrote already to them. But I can nevertheless write a mail by myself if you think this would help.


  • developer

    Because Posteo couldn’t solve the problem yet and we don’t know whether/when this will happen, we have introduced a new option to disable RFC6868 for VCards.

    Upgrade to, open Account Settings and disable “RFC6868 for VCards”. It should work then. Could you please verify that?

    Please note that it is a server problem and disabling RFC6868 is only a workaround. Posteo is the only service where problems have occured. All other services work fine.

    [Edit: wording]

  • Hi,
    thanks for the update.
    I tested some changes on contacts both on the phone and on Posteo. Synching was OK.

    I uderstand this bahavior is posteo related and honestly my enthusiasm for Posteo has a little bit declined. Whole web interface is very basic and calender limited. But that’s off-topic.

    I really appreciated your quick fix and am happy to be able to use only one DAV synching program again.👏


  • I can verify the problem and solution too.

    ADR;LABEL=Gro[ffffffc3][ffffff9f]e Freiheit ^nHamburg 25767;TYPE=home:;;Gro[ffffffc3][ffffff9f]e Freiheit ;Ha[CR][LF]
    http/1.1 415 Unsupported Media Type
    <s:message>This resource only supports valid vcard data. Parse error: Invalid VObject, line 15 did not follow the icalendar/vcard format</s:message>[LF]

  • Works for me now as well again


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