Tasks Synchronisation error with owncloud 9 - PRIORITY must be an integer between 0 and 9

  • I have an owncloud 9 installation and like to share and sync my tasks. If i do not neter any priorisation of the task, evrything is fine. if i put prio on a task i get the following error message of Davdroid.
    Android: 6.0.1
    Samsung S6: SM-G920F

    Synchronization phase: 9
    Account name: XXX
    Authority: org.dmfs.tasks
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: PRIORITY must be an integer between 0 and 9
    at android.database.DatabaseUtils.readExceptionFromParcel(DatabaseUtils.java:165)
    at android.database.DatabaseUtils.readExceptionWithOperationApplicationExceptionFromParcel(DatabaseUtils.java:158)
    at android.content.ContentProviderProxy.applyBatch(ContentProviderNative.java:520)
    at android.content.ContentProviderClient.applyBatch(ContentProviderClient.java:444)
    at at.bitfire.ical4android.BatchOperation.commit(BatchOperation.java:49)
    at at.bitfire.ical4android.AndroidTask.add(AndroidTask.java:226)
    at at.bitfire.davdroid.syncadapter.TasksSyncManager.processVTodo(TasksSyncManager.java:201)
    at at.bitfire.davdroid.syncadapter.TasksSyncManager.downloadRemote(TasksSyncManager.java:136)
    at at.bitfire.davdroid.syncadapter.SyncManager.performSync(SyncManager.java:170)
    at at.bitfire.davdroid.syncadapter.TasksSyncAdapterService$SyncAdapter.onPerformSync(TasksSyncAdapterService.java:75)
    at android.content.AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter$SyncThread.run(AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter.java:272)
    DAVdroid version: (101) Thu May 26 22:11:59 GMT+02:00 2016
    Installed from: com.android.vending
    JB Workaround installed: no
    System-wide synchronization: automatically
    Account: XXX
      Address book sync. interval: 240 min
      Calendar     sync. interval: 240 min
      OpenTasks    sync. interval: 240 min
    Android version: 6.0.1 (MMB29K.G920FXXS3DPE5)
    Device: Samsung SM-G920F (zeroflte)
  • developer


    I can’t reproduce this problem with OwnCloud 9.0.2. Please provide detailed steps to reproduce (for instance, where you set which priority) and verbose logs.

  • cant reproduce it myself any more. So maybe it is fixed or something else. If it happens again i will post more information.

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