DavDroid does not sync any contact.

  • Both things fixed - the DAV header and the empty filter response. Fixes are pushed to upstream master as well - I did one, Ken did the other.

  • Hi, I’m also using Fastmail. Since a few days, contact and calendar sync stopped working. Brong, should your fixes be already available for me? Or should I need to wait for an update?

  • Yes, as Bron pointed out this is already fixed and rolled out (works fine for me now).

  • Yes, the update has been installed on all servers - nobody needs to wait 🙂

  • Thanks for your replies. I still have major issues with syncs on my HTC M8.
    I re-installed DAVdroid. My CalDAV list doesn’t show up anymore in DAVdroid and CardDAV synchronizes but contacts doesn’t show up on my address book.
    No issues with Cal and CardDAV sync on my laptop…

  • You’d at least will need to provide a trace of DavDroid like I did, otherwise this will just be guesswork. The bugs I reported are fixed by fastmail, if you are running into new bugs, we’d need the new logfiles…

  • Still getting empty contact list. It would be helpful if it was pointed out how to fetch the relevant log entries to help with debugging.

  • I just threw the standard android logcat at it and watched the output.

  • Here is my DAVdroid debug info:

  • OK, I’ve got to sleep - 11:30pm here, and a 6am teleconference in my near future. If you can email me brong AT fastmail DOT fm with your username (or open a support ticket and ask for me, though that takes a little longer to get allocated over) then I can enable telemetry debugging at our end and get you to sync again. That all looks fine so far.

  • Gosh, that’s embarassing. I was in the process of replacing the CPUs in a couple of machines the other day, and they didn’t get the update because they were shut down at the time. sigh (I’m working on a blog post about the CPUs)

    I’ve just upgraded them now! You SHOULD find it starts working

  • Working now!
    Thanks a lot Bron. Have a good rest.

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