nginx HTTP/2 incompatible with okhttp (REFUSED_STREAM)

  • The new version does not work at all neither with nginx-1.9.13 nor nginx 1.10.0 with both on/off http2. How could I roll back davdroid to the previous version, at least it worked with old nginx?

  • developer

    We’ve already released yesterday, it should then work again (because this version uses okhttp 3.3 which is claimed to be compatible with nginx < 1.11.0 HTTP/2 implementations; plus it reverts a change from 1.0.9 which caused Content-Length not to be sent, which in turn confuses some servers). Please give us a short feedback after you tried it.

  • It works fine now. Thanks guys!

  • Tested this morning with and nginx 1.11.0. Works like a charm. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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