(owncloud/nginx) Configuration detection endless loop

  • Hi,

    I’m having problems on setting up the connection to my owncloud 9.0.1 instance running with nginx. DAVdroid (1.0.7 from fdroid) seems to be looping and doing nothing on the “Configuration detection” step. I tested the redirects and they seem to work fine. Could you help me find out if it is only a server issue? I am posting here because DAVdroid gives me no response and I saw exceptions in the log.

    davdroid debug info

    davdroid log

    nginx access log

    I have only altered the logs by replacing my username with <user> and my owncloud domain with <owncloud domain>

    Sorry if it’s not app related and I’m looking forward for any help I can get. Thanks

    Btw. I see no errors in my owncloud-log and php/nginx error log. I know this is not app related but I added my nginx server block also here https://paste.fedoraproject.org/360275/17712841/

  • developer

    DAVdroid (1.0.7 from fdroid) seems to be looping and doing nothing on the “Configuration detection” step.

    What do you mean by nothing? How long did you wait? There’s a quite large timeout, and your logs contain some timeouts. However, principal URLs was found, so this seems to be a successful initial configuration detection.

    Maybe this was a one-time connection problem? Did you try again (maybe with a more stable connection, if the first time was not stable)?

  • Well you were absolute right! I tried again and waited 5 - 10 minutes and it finally made it past the login. It took another few minutes then to detect my calendars and contact lists but it is working now. My internet connection was strong all the time, it was no one-time problem (tried it 10 times I guess) and my owncloud server was bored and should have been really fast. I don’t know why it was and still is so slow when syncing but I guess it’s not DAVdroid’s fault.
    Sorry for bothering you and thank you for your fast response!

    edit: I just downgraded nginx from mainline to stable and disabled http2. Looks like http2 was the problem for me. Its working fast now.

  • Fyi also with the latest stable nginx 1.10.0 which includes http2 it gets slow if I enable it. So I’ll keep it disabled as for now. Attention: If http2 is enabled for only one server block it seems to be usable for all the others too. Took me a while to figure that out 😕 but can be easily tested with https://tools.keycdn.com/http2-test

    Btw. good luck for the DAVdroid presentation tomorrow at Linuxwochen Wien 😉 I would have loved to come but can’t unfortunately…

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