Name diasppears after saving a contact using Sony Xperia M4 Aqua.

  • Hi there,

    I installed DavDroid from F-Droid and everything seems to work fine. Also sync with owncloud 9 works great!
    But there’s a problem which seems to be related with Sony’s contact app.

    Versions used:

    • DAVdroid 1.0.6 (installed via F-Droid)
    • Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (Android 5.0)


    1. create a new contact and choosing DAVdroid as account
    2. Enter the field “Name” and e.g. Tel/E-Mail (doesn’t matter)
    3. Save the contact
      -> The contact is saved, but the name disappears. Only the number/E-Mail address are stored.

    when using the “Surname” field, the surname is saved.

    Please let me know if you need further information about this problem.

  • I have the same issue here. But on a Sony Xperia Z5 compact using Android 6.0.

    @tarator Do you have found a workaround or fix for this issue?

    I have read configuration and FAQ, but there is no hint on such an issue.

    okay, i thought i found a workaround. I just activated the debug output to SD card. Then i create a contact incl. Name and number et voila, it works. Now i deactive logging to SD card and create another test contact and it does not work anymore. Okay, i tried to reproduce that again, but it does not work again. 😞

    I can reproduce the error even with deleting my davdroid account and recreating it. I am syncing with ownCloud 9.0.1 (stable) with Contacts plugin v. I am going to update to the latest stable of owncloud and see if that makes a difference. My Davdroid version is 1.0.8
    Okay, after update of owncloud to version 9.0.2 and its contacts plugin to and deleting and readding the davdroid account, the isse still occurs 😞

    How can i create a log for this? The documentation’s way does not work and creates a log, where only one line is present (“re-init of logging to sd”).

  • @Strubbl no I haven’t found an solution yet. I simply only use the “Surname” field in the meanwhile.

  • @tarator Do you mean the phonetic surname? Otherwise i only have one name field. There are three more, but only for phonetic purpose. Do those fields also sync to Owncloud?

    My current workaround is to use Owncloud to edit/create the contacts.

  • @Strubbl No not the phonetic Surname. The field is entitled only with the German word “Nachname” which means Surname. But it appears only after activating the additional name fields. (arrow-down-symbol ‘V’)

    I also have a phonetic Surname field, but as I can remember this didn’t work either as expected.

  • I found the same issue on a Sony Z5 under Android 6: phonetic name not recorded.
    Note that the same setup on my OnePlusOne Android 5 does not have the issue.
    Sony contact app specific?

  • @matlag Yes, it looks like the contacts app supplied by Sony is crap. 😞

  • developer

    I have created a FAQ entry for this: [Sony Xperia] Duplicated or disappeared contact names.

    If you have further information, please let us know.

  • @hidaxafe said in Name diasppears after saving a contact using Sony Xperia M4 Aqua.:

    Make sure everything is fully synced with your Google account, and when entering a new contact or editing an old one make sure you tap “done” at the top of the screen. I’ve made the mistake of backing out (using the back button) and it doesn’t always save then. After all attempts if still the phone is not recognizing the contact name then use PC companion as explained in Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Manual. After this procedure, it starts working.

    This doesn’t help. Everything is synced fully. I hit save and not back button, but still no name on creating a new contact.

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