Fastmail shared contacts not shown

  • I have a Fastmail family account. This comes with a shared address book that all accounts in the family have access too; however, when I sync with DavDroid, only my personal address books are shown.

    I contacted Fastmail and they replied with the following:

    “Some clients don’t detect the shared address book correctly. So you would need to manually configure them.”

    The reply also included instructions for manually adding the shared address book. This included a server address and username specific for the shared address book (which I don’t want to post here). There is an option to create a new address book with DavDroid, but I can’t add an existing one manually.

    DAVDroid version: 1.0.7 (98)

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    1. To support auto-detection, I’d need to know how the shared address book is announced by FastMail. Maybe they can provide any technical details? As far as I know, there’s no standard for shared address books, and it seems they’re using other methods than DAVdroid already supports.
    2. To add the address book manually, you just need to create a new account and enter the address book URL (+ credentials).

  • @rfc2822 wrt 1) The FastMail shared address book is returned with the other address books that are available for the specified user using standard CardDAV/WebDAV interactions e.g. addressbooks collection via resourcetype, addressbook-home-set or current-user-principal. What methods does DAVdroid use?

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    @rl All of them. DAVdroid tries to detect the current-user-principal, then the addressbook-home-sets, then detects whether either the home sets themselves or their member collections are collections of type addressbook.

  • Was there a solution to this problem? I’m currently testing FastMail and running into the same issue. Only the personal address book is shown, not the shared one.

    debug info

    In debug log you can see that the shared addressbook is reported back, but for some reason it is discarded.

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